TV Mounting

Basement Theatre

Whether you’re trying to create more space, protect your screen or achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look, mounting your television on a wall is a great way to achieve all of these objectives.  We will affix the screen on the wall and connect it to your existing equipment.  Don’t want any cables visible or accessible to children or pets?  Ask us about concealing the wires within the walls.






Projection Installation

Basement Projector

Step it up a notch by choosing a 1080p projector with screen sizes up to 300″.  We can source the best equipment and install it so you can feel like you’re right in the middle of it.  We can virtually conceal it so the only thing drawing anyone’s attention is the giant screen in front of them.  No need to spend $50-100 on seats that are too close to the screen with sticky floors.  Call us to get the same experience in the comfort of your own home.







Equipment Setup / Calibration

Media Rack

Did you recently buy a new TV or A/V Receiver? Not sure how to connect or calibrate your equipment to get the best picture or sound?  Many are not getting the most out of their systems.  We can ensure you are getting the best image and sound your system is capable of.  We can also make recommendations for placement of equipment and available tweaks and upgrades.







Cut The Cord


Why keep paying for channels you never watch?  “Skinny Basic” still starves you from great entertainment while feeding the “Fat Cats”.  It’s time to get the control back into your hands.  We offer OTA (Over-the-air) HD antennas with true 1080p clarity as well as media streamers to give you the best online content.  No more bulky receivers that you pay to rent each month.  Ask us about some simple solutions to offer you a seamless TV and Movie experience.


*Basic connection included. Advanced setup and calibration available at an extra charge.