Speaker Installation

Sleek Audio Equipment


Tired of bulky speakers taking up space in your entertainment area?  Had enough of tripping on speaker wires running across your floor?  Do you want to take your home back and increase the value at the same time?  We can help.  We offer a number of solutions including:

– In-wall speakers

– Ceiling speakers

– Wireless Speakers

– Mounted speakers

We can even use your existing equipment and conceal the wiring to save you money*.


Outdoor Speakers

Rock Speaker


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to hear and control your music outside at the touch of a button? Entertain friends and family in your backyard while music is evenly distributed around without cranking it up to annoy guests and neighbours.  We can source the best outdoor speakers and install them in multiple locations giving you the clearest sound possible and give you control at the touch of a button.







Distributed Audio Systems

Russound A-S440


Imagine being able to listen to your entire music library in any room of your home at the touch of a button.  With a distributed audio system we can incorporate in-wall volume controls which can also give you source selection control for any room.  You can get your morning news in the shower while your kids listen to their favourite station in their rooms.









Volume Controls

Russound ALTx-WIR



Control your home audio in any room at the touch of a button with the installation of indoor or outdoor volume controls. Turn on your music in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or even while taking a soak in the hot tub outside. Want to go the extra step and add even more convenience while impressing your guests with the “cool factor”? Ask us about controlling it all on your phone or tablet.










*Dependent on capabilities of equipment and/or environment.